Our Guide to E-Transcript Depositions

Learn more about E-Transcripts and how to export them to PDF or ASCII formats to use in WarRoom

What is an E-Transcript?

E-Transcripts have been the standard for electronic deposition transcripts since launching in 1996. These electronic transcript files ensure page and line integrity, custom formatting, and security thanks to a tamper-proof, electronic signature.


What is .ptx file type?

E-Transcript files have their proprietary .ptx file type. This requires the free E-Transcript viewer application from RealLegal, which is a part of Thomson Reuters. The viewer application is only available for Windows PC.

E-Transcript files are typically created by a court reporter. To create an E-Transcript users must have the E-Transcript manager, which is also sold by RealLegal. Once created, court reporters typically send lawyers a .ptx file as an e-mail attachment.

Benefits of E-Transcripts

The specialized download formats allow E-Transcripts to have a hyperlinked work index. Clicking a particular word in the index instantly takes you to the pages where it appears. The .ptx format also allows users to bundle exhibits as well as hyperlink to external files.

Users can print the full or condensed transcript and can also choose whether to include a word index.

Custom formatting is also available with the security of a tamper-proof electronic signature. Unlike formats such as PDF or DOC, e-Transcripts are more feature centric. In addition to the word index, print customization, and condensed transcript users can integrate third party word processing to customize documents easily. This removes the need to copy and paste into a processor, thereby losing all previous formatting. e-Transcripts are compatible with WarRoom law.

Exporting E-Transcripts to WarRoom

To use an E-Transcript in WarRoom, you first need to export it to ASCII or PDF format. Fortunately, it’s easy to export E-Transcripts with the E-Transcript Viewer.

To export your transcript, open it with the free E-Transcript Viewer. Then Select File > Save as > Transcript and select ASCII or PDF. Now you’re ready to upload the exported transcript to WarRoom.

ASCII Deposition Transcripts

These files usually appear as .txt files and are considered universal. They are easily imported and are compatible with most software. It is the most compatible file type with legal case management software. ASCII files can render inconsistently depending on how they were created and the program used to open the file.

PDF Deposition Transcripts

PDFs are the best format to use when the original content must remain intact. This is often used with Adobe’s platform Acrobat Reader. There are none of the formatting issues found with ASCII issues. They can be made text searchable like e-Transcript via the OCR process. The document will print exactly as it looks on the screen.

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