TranscriptPad vs. WarRoom

TranscriptPad Overview

TranscriptPad is an iOS app that allows lawyers to review, search, and summarize transcripts. Lawyers review transcripts by highlighting key testimony. It is only available for iPad devices.


The app organizes documents in folders according to deponent name and date. Exhibits are stored and accessed in the application meaning that it can operate without service or internet access. The internal storage does pose some difficulties when sharing edited documents among colleagues.

The app works on a touch screen platform meaning that codes and markups are assigned with different taps and highlights. The app searches by keywords, which are pulled up in a separate folder for later review.

TranscriptPad can be purchased on the App Store for $89.99. This subscription is only for one singular device and cannot be transferred to multiple other apple products even under the same Apple I.D.

TranscriptPad operates similar to annotation applications such as GoodReader or iAnnotate. The application features legal industry specific tools such as applying specific issue codes and summary generation.

Managing Depositions in TranscriptPad

TranscriptPad’s feature set is focused on deposition management. Transcripts are uploaded to the application on a tablet device and then are reviewed using a variety of touch screen commands.

When highlights are made, snippets are organized in user specified folders on a case by case basis.

Transcripts and Depositions must be uploaded in a TXT format, while exhibits are to be uploaded in PDF form. Files can be uploaded through Dropbox, AirDrop, or WebDav server.

TranscriptPad offers additional paid apps to assist with tasks such as document reviewal, assigning Bates numbers, and generating reports. DocReviewPad is an add on to the TranscriptPad service. TrialPad is yet another app that allows for the annotation and organization of evidence.

TranscriptPad vs WarRoom

Transcript Pad is only available on iOS devices, specifically the iPad. It is not accessible via desktop or laptop. The app based platform makes it difficult to bulk upload documents or export them in a timely fashion. It does however make it convenient for review. WarRoom offers both mobile and desktop compatibility which makes it simple to move documents between devices.

Unlike WarRoom, TranscriptPad does not allow connection between multiple devices meaning that numerous attorneys cannot access the same document at the same time. WarRoom easily connects coworkers to a particular case by sending them an electronic invite.

TranscriptPad has a large upfront cost, while WarRoom operates a low monthly, all included price meaning that subscription can be canceled at any time. There are not additional apps or services needed to manage depositions in WarRoom. All services are included at one price point.

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