CaseMap vs. WarRoom

CaseMap by LexisNexis Overview

CaseMap is a desktop software program that allows you to organize evidence. The program, owned by LexisNexis, was first released in 1998.

As a desktop program, CaseMap must be downloaded and installed on each computer it will be used on, and it is only available for Windows PC.

The layout of CaseMap is very similar to a spreadsheet. The program manages documents, issues, people, and facts in a centralized database. It sorts document snippets based on user imported “word lists.”


The newest update of CaseMap added the ability to redact text, program metadata into a sidebar, and apply Bates numbers to individual documents.

Managing Depositions in CaseMap

CaseMap does not support deposition management in its Basic plan. To manage depositions you need to upgrade plans and use other products by LexisNexis, including TimeMap and Sanction.

DocManager, an additional add on, is required to view, annotate, hit-highlight, Bates stamp, batch print, and batch convert files to PDF and TIFF.

TextMap, different than DocManager, serves to create search fields, summarize and annotate transcripts, and link notes to documents. All of these features can all be accessed in the base version WarRoom.

LexisNexis does not publish the price of CaseMap on its website. You need to contact them for pricing.

CaseMap vs. WarRoom

Unlike CaseMap, WarRoom can be used from any web browser. There’s no software to install. You can try our live demo.

With WarRoom, you can quickly review depositions, without needing to integrate with or buy other software. This no frills approach allows you to instantly organize your case facts by issue, keyword, or witness.

WarRoom easily connects coworkers to a particular case by sending them an electronic invite. It allows for seamless document sharing across offices without the need of a software download or account update. This not only saves you time, but helps expedite training and program adoption.

There’s no need to add CaseMap’s Hosted Litigation Solutions in order to guarantee a cloud based editing suite. WarRoom features secure cloud based servers that manage and control all of the litigation workflow in one place.

WarRoom has clear, upfront pricing with all features are included with every plan.

With WarRoom you get:

  • No software to install
  • Low, upfront pricing
  • Easy for your whole firm to use

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