Case Notebook vs. WarRoom

Case Notebook by Thompson Reuters

Case Notebook is a searchable case management software that organizes transcripts, depositions, exhibits, and other research. The software integrates with Windows Explorer, Outlook, Westlaw, or a DMS.

Case Notebook operates like a digital file folder that organizes a case based on preset sections. A search feature then allows users to find specific documents that feature certain keywords or issues. From searches, reports can be generated that display instances of an issue, or key fact in a case.

Case Notebook

When snippets are highlighted Case Notebook transfers them to a Case Timeline. This file is an ordered report of every reference to a particular highlighted snippet.

The most recent update of Case Notebook adds features such as batch importing of descriptions and exporting of reports in a single step. Case Notebook only remains compatible with Microsoft products. Once installed, Case Notebook is only operable from that specific computer unless other user licenses are purchased.

Managing Depositions in Case Notebook

Case Notebook has a centralized editing center that tracks annotation authors. The company also has an app called E-Transcript which allows users to annotate and review transcripts on their mobile devices. E Transcript can be used without a Case Notebook subscription.

An additional service: LiveNote, can be paired with Case Notebook in order to follow live transcriptions of depositions as well video and audio. LiveNote does operate on a mobile and web platform which adds a degree of flexibility not found with Case Notebook. This service can be paired with yet another add-on: Drafting Assistant which assists in transferring information from depositions to legal documents.

Notes and highlighting lead to the development of a key fact report which gives a view of a case’s most important issues and which documents they are found in.

Case Notebook vs WarRoom

A quarter of Case Notebook users admitted they would not be continuing to use the software in the future, according to a Thomson Reuters study.

Case Notebook has a software requirement requiring a user to download and operate the program from a specific computer. WarRoom is operable from mobile devices, tablets, and any laptop or desktop computer.

WarRoom’s efficient organization system makes it simple to find a specific document, transcript, or report. A simple yet expansive design offers users a range of tools to review and prepare documents for trial, saving users time and money.

Unlike Case Notebook, WarRoom has clear, upfront pricing. WarRoom guarantees a single price point per user with ALL features included.

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